Marketing & Sales Outsourcing Agency

We cooperate with you and your business, as a partners. We make your marketing, sales and automations work for you in a modern and highly efficient way.

We’re not just a partner. We’ll take the time to understand your business, so we can better help you grow it for years to come.

Бізнес Консалтинг і Бізнес План чи може все ж Стартап Модель від CITY PROFIT


After a brief with series of questions and monitoring your online presence, we give you our expert vision of the changes that will help you to increase your revenue, to make your brand more valuable and the work of your employees easier and more organized.  CITY PROFIT Outsourcing Agency is known for its fresh ideas and efficiency in sales, marketing and owners Net Income boosting

200 GBP

Marketing Kit

Everything that you need is in this pack: logo, corporate colors and fonts, web-funnel, the visualization and all the copyright for all your social media pages with the strategy of development, GoogleMyBusiness and more. All you need to do is plan your advertisement budget, everything else is being taken care of by our outsourcing agency, just enjoy!

1500 GBP

Sales Outsourcing

Integration of all the systems and instruments into one CRM for a centralized communication (WhatsApp, FB, Insta, Mail and your phone calls, TASKS can be all in one place). Website with chat-bots and simple forms will help us to make a lead prequalification. Our outsourcing agency (sales team in this case) can make scripts that convert leads to customers. What`s your job? To deliver a product. Yes, it`s that simple!

2000 GBP / per month



  • Marketing and Sales Development All-in-one TEAM, all-in-one Solution
  • Portfolio of business development projects (150+) for SME in Europe and Asia 
  • Extremely Fast and Highly Efficient specialists
  • “Owners like” consulting as a BONUS for every client
  • EBRD qualified specialists
  • And yes, we can do it “from scratch” (well, your business idea is still needed)
  • And YES we can outsource Sales and Marketing team
  • And YES! We can be white-labeled 🙂

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CITY PROFIT: sales and marketing outsourcing agency @ 2021